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Sale Overview

This year we have planned for a slightly different campaign than previous years by having Units and Scouts begin from Day 1 with a Take Order sale. Show & Sell will begin a couple weeks later. There are two dates for units to place product orders with Order 1 consisting of Take Order at that time and Show & Sell. Order 2 is for the remaining product needs to fulfill all a unit's orders.

Please see the Unit Kernel Guidebook for more details, but know a successful and safe popcorn sale is possible this year!


Get Ready for the 2020 - Black Swamp Area Council Popcorn Sale

Unit Kernel Training Online This Year

Session 1: Aug. 4, from 7 p.m.

Session 2: Aug. 10, from 7 p.m.

Join us for one of our Virtual Unit Kernel Popcorn Training sessions on Zoom. Click on one of the Dates for more information!

Welcome to the 2020 Popcorn Sale

As we kick off this year's popcorn sale, we understand now - more than ever - the value of the fundraising dollars that can be accessed by our units and council. Because of the current environment, this year's sale will undoubtedly be different, however we never underestimate our Scouts and their initiative to sell popcorn!

CLICK HERE to read a letter from our council popcorn leadership team!





Trail's End program changes

Trail's End is committed to support Scouting during these uncertain times and taking steps to protect Scouts, their families & their units. CLICK HERE to learn more about this year's sale.



Safety, changes to help Scouts have successful sale

A look at the impact of COVID-19 on the sale, how the direct sale has been improved, and the new reward improvements to give Scouts more opportunity to earn prizes for their efforts. PLUS a promotion for early adoption of the Online Direct sale with units able to earn 5% bonus in Amazon gift card for sales July 1 to Aug. 15. CLICK HERE to get all the details!


Sale at a glance


July 1 - Aug. 15 Online Direct sale - more info at www.trails-end.com/online-direct
Aug. 4 Popcorn Virtual Unit Kernel Training No. 1 on Zoom
Aug. 10 Popcorn Virtual Unit Kernel Training No. 2 on Zoom
Aug. 15 Local Sale begins with Take Order, App & Online sale
Aug. 31 First Order due: Take Order #1 & Show & Sell orders submitted on Trail's End website via unit portal
Sept. 18 & Sept. 19 First Order distribution: Take Order #1 & Show & Sell pickup at district warehouses
Sept. 18 Show & Sell Sale begins; Take Order Sale continues
Sept. 30 First Payment Due to Council (40% Current amount "Due to Council")
Oct. 19 Second Order due: Take Order #2 submitted on Trail's End website via unit portal
Oct. 30 Second Payment Due to Council (40% Current amount "Due to Council")
Nov. 6 & Nov. 7 Second Order distribution at district warehouses
Nov. 20 Final Payment Due (Balance amount "Due to Council"); outstanding balances after this date forfeit bonus. Youth Prize submissions due online via Trail's End website
Dec. 14 Unit bonus commissions deposited into unit accounts


Thank you for your support of the Black Swamp Area Council's Programs and Popcorn Sale.

Have questions? Contact Jim Mason, Development Director & Popcorn Staff Advisor, at jim.mason@scouting.org.

Black Swamp Area Council
2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
(419) 422-4356