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Arrowwood District

Key District Leadership

District Chair: Peter Berton, (419) 424-1503, peterberton@hotmail.com

District Commissioner: Bob Christy, (419) 348-0511, agentbob2@aol.com

District Executive: Alice Lalone, (419) 581-9259, alice.lalone@scouting.org

Upcoming Events

Eagle Board of Reviews can be scheduled with Sharon Brubeck at 419-306-7270 or...
Eagle Board of Reviews can be scheduled with Sharon Brubeck at 419-306-7270 or...

District News

  • The Eagle -June Edition
    In 2014, Conner Winslow, a shy young man, joined Scouting. He wasn't sure what to think about Scouting, but he jumped right into the program by going on a weekend campout with a group of Scouts he had never met...
  • Salute to Scouting - June Edition
    This periodical communication seeks to highlight the great Scouters and chartered organization who call the Black Swamp Area Council home. Within this publication, you will find great stories about Scouting youth, Scouting leaders, and the organizations who enable these young men and women to do their best...
  • Submit your Scout Story!
    Tell us your best Scout story and get your unit or your favorite leader featured in our Council newsletter "Salute to Scouting"!
  • STEAM Fun Pack for Families
    Download this fun STEAM activity packet for some activities to do at home!
  • Order of the Arrow
    Congratulations to long-time volunteer, Glenn Barclay from 308, St. Marks UMC, Findlay Ohio on being called out for his Brotherhood with the Order of the Arrow.
  • Nominate Adult Leaders for the District Award of Merit
    Have an adult you would like to nominate for doing a great job? Fill out this form and turn it in to alice.lalone@scouting.org
  • Don't Forget to Take The New Youth Protection Training!
    Remember to take the new YPT before camp!
  • Do You Use Social Media?
    Arrowwood District has Facebook..

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Black Swamp Area Council
2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
(419) 422-4356