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Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. We all know the words of the Scout Law but nine Scouts from Austin Texas decided to go out and find the 12 points in action in their community. They are committed to “Believe it. Live it.”

You can view all 12 episodes of the Scout Law documentary, “Believe It. Live It.” on www.scouttube.org. The series is kicked off with an introduction from Vaughn Brock, who helped to finance this project as part of a capital campaign for the Capitol Area Council. Vaughn is an Assistant Scoutmaster and has four sons in Scouting. Here is a quick breakdown of each episode for you:

 Trustworthy: Firefighters from Austin Texas show how their community trusts them to help out whenever they needed.

Loyal: The Believe it. Live it. team interview Frank Denius who is a loyal football fan. Not only is he loyal to his favorite team but he is loyal to America and is a decorated veteran who served during World War II.

Helpful: The team join John Crismond on his Meals on Wheels circuit to help bring elderly and disabled folks a hot meal.

Friendly: Mike Haynes, a wheelchair athlete, shows the team how being friendly can change lives.

Courteous: Gene Fackler who works for Southwest Airlines, explains why it is so important to be courteous to customers, especially under stressful circumstances.

Kind: Jeri and Don Barr bring the team to their Candlelight Ranch where they invite special-needs children and their families to enjoy a special tree house and the natural world.

Obedient: Members of the Army at Fort Hood explain how obeying orders is important for rescuing and saving lives on the battlefield.  

Cheerful: Blind actress Jessica Espinoza shows how anyone can be cheerful and change their attitude for the better no matter the circumstances.

Thrifty: Four teachers from Austin wanted to produce a movie but didn’t have the money. They pooled together $10,000 and created “Chalk”, which went on to win awards at festivals. The teachers explained how they created a budget and learned to value each monetary decision they made.

Brave: The team interview Alan Babin an Army medic who showed bravery while at Iraq. Alan ran forward during a battle to help a fallen solder, however he was severely injured.  

Clean: Former addict Tony Johnson helps people lead clean lives free of drug and violence with his Ministry of Change.

Reverent: Runner Gilbert Tuhaboyne shows the team how he shows faith and reverence everyday for being the sole survivor of an attack that killed his entire home village in Africa.

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