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Local Scout featured in 'Scout Life' for heroic response

Drew Steinmetz of Troop 442 is featured in the August issue of "Scout Life" for his quick thinking and willingness to help others when he responded to a fire he witnessed at a home in his community.

A member of Troop 442, chartered to the Republic United Church of Christ, his quick thinking and contacting of local emergency services enable a fire in a home structure to be extinguished and also led to Drew freeing two family dogs that were in the engulfed shed in a kennel.

For his actions, Drew was awarded the National Boy Scout's of America Heroism Award, in which he was presented at this year's Eagle Scout & Youth Recognition Banquet in March. Drew was featured in the "Scouts in Action" section in Scouting's 111 year old monthly magazine "Scout Life," from the publishers of Boys' Life.


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