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Extraordinary Explorer - July 2021

July 2021


Mercer County Sheriff's Office brings two Explorers on to their team as Deputies

Mercer County Sheriff Post 2115 led by Detective Chad Fortkamp has been a highly active program for many years.  Chad heads up the program as Post Advisor and recently received the On Duty Award at 2019 Exploring Banquet. This summer two Explorers Patrick Cupp and Noah Nieport have recently been hired full time as deputies for the county. 

“We are really excited for Patrick and Noah to join our team. Both are extremely gifted young men, having the opportunity of knowing them for many years as members of our youth Exploring program give me great confidence in their training and abilities,” Detective Fortkamp said.  “This is why we invest heavily in Exploring for results like these”.

“Being able to be around the Law Enforcement environment opened my eyes to see what it’s all about,” Cupp said. “Six years ago I joined the program and was 14 years of age.  The most memorable experience was on a ride along during a domestic call where two civilians that were angered and on the verge of fighting each other were in a matter of seconds calmed down when the deputy I was riding with showed up and talked them down and they were listening to the deputy. Also turning on the sirens and the anticipation of getting to a scene or incident is always fun. Exploring was a big reason why I chose to go into law enforcement.” 

June 21 was his first start date.  Patrick attended Coldwater High School where he participated in football, track, and wrestling.  However, during his senior year, he did not get to compete in track because of the pandemic and the shutdowns taking place.  He would like to thank his parents Pam and Jason for being so supportive. 

Patrick and Noah attended The Academy and Wright State Lake Campus.  The program was 8 months, 800 hours mandatory before they could graduate.  The program is $7,000 out of pocket.   There was a physical fitness test as well. 

“Being in the classroom and learning about elements of situations and simulations to show how prepared was quite memorable,” said Patrick. 

Noah Nieport attended St. Henry High School, he enjoys fishing and hunting.  He’d like to thank his mother Linda and father Mel and twin brother Zach, Noah’s girlfriend and her family were very supportive while going through the academy and working full time as a butcher in Fort Recovery. 

Noah enjoyed his time at the Academy with Patrick.  “The instructors were great and I learned a lot.  There were 16 who started and 15 that graduated.  I had to take the state exam and when I walked out of the room and knew that I passed, it was such a great feeling of accomplishment.”

Noah became interested in law enforcement from a family member who works at Mercer County Sheriff Office.  Once Noah hit high school he joined Explorers and fell in love with it. 

If you have a story for the Extraordinary Explorer newsletter or would like to learn more about the program for local high school students, contact Colin Earl at colin.earl@scouting.org.


Exploring began in 1949 and is part of the Black Swamp Area Council program and learning opportunities along with the Scouting program serving young people of West Central and Northwestern Ohio.More than 5,400 individuals are participating in the local program as a Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturers, Explorers and adult volunteers. In 2020, these individuals participated in 8,069 hours of community service. For more information about finding Scouting near you, visit BeAScout.org

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