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Safety Moments Helpful for All 

Did you know we have Safety Moments for Scouting? Yes, 95 of them!   

Safety Moments are exactly what the name implies: opportunities to prepare for an activity, review safety measures and report incidents correctly. Topics of this series include Campfire Safety, Safe Use of Medication in Scouting, Weather-Related Safety, Winter Sports, and Generator Safety. The Safety Moments landing page is found here.  

The Environmental, Health, and Safety team suggests using a Safety Moment at the start of each meeting or activity. Check out the Safety Moment on Using a Safety Moment in Scouting. It takes less than 3 minutes to deliver a Safety Moment to your staff, troop, or crew. Boy Scouts of America’s Safety Moments make it easy to deliver a SAFE program. 

With so many Safety Moments available, let's look at most popular Safety Moments of 2021: 

A Safety Moment that provides the up-to-the-minute safety information for Scouts and Scouters is the Scouting Safety Online Resources.  

We are continually updating and producing Safety Moments for Scouting. If you have a Safety Moment suggestion, contact the Environmental, Health, and Safety Team

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