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Take Order No. 2 due by Monday, Oct. 19

The final week for in-person "Take Orders" for this year's popcorn sale is here. All unit orders are due for submission via the unit portal on Trails-End.com by Oct. 19.

As your Scout unit prepares to submit Order No. 2 by Oct. 19, your sales effort does not have to end, if you don’t wish as you can continue to raise support for your Scout group with online direct sales. This Order No. 2 is the last order for in-person distribution from a district warehouse.

You can continue to sell products available on the Trail’s End website to ensure you reach all your customers.



  • Collect and add together all popcorn orders from your Scouts. 
  • Use the Scout table in the Unit Leader Portal to track sales by Scout. This is how Trail’s End will verify how much Scouts sold for the distribution of Amazon.com Gift Cards. 
  • Place a final order in the Trail’s End system. 
  • Pick up final popcorn order. 
  • Distribute popcorn immediately to Scouts for delivery and payment collection. 
  • Pay the unit’s statement. The amount due will be the total sales less the unit’s commission - this will be on the statement. 
  • Units paying by check must send ONE check (checks made out to units cannot be accepted.) 
  • Submit your Trail’s End Rewards order through the Unit Leader portal and the Amazon.com Gift Cards will be delivered electronically to the Scout’s Trail’s End account approximately 5 days after submitting your Scout totals unless flagged for review. 
  • Hold a unit celebration for a job well-done--have Scouts bring what they bought on Amazon and thank the Scouts, parents, and leaders! 
  • Hold a session to discuss sale pros and cons to improve next year. 
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