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Popcorn sale offerings sprinkled with holiday cheer for limited time

Online Direct orders for the Holiday line up is Oct. 9-26

we have new holiday products to help boost your unit’s sales! Orders are available for a limited time and must be placed Online Direct by Oct. 26. Share the attached images with your Scouts and ask them to sign in and share with their friends and family via e-mail, text, and social media every week. Holiday products start shipping Nov. 11, so it’ll arrive in time for the holidays.

If you are not involved with a Scout group, but interested in purchasing popcorn, please go to the Trail’s End online store and purchase popcorn. If you do not have a “Scout Code” to buy from a specific Scout, your purchase will be credited to Scouting based on your mailing address.

Online Direct orders for the Holiday Line Up is Oct. 9-26, so don’t wait, share this information with your friends, family and on you or your parent’s social media outlets

With just about 2 weeks remaining in the Take Order portion of this year’s Popcorn Sale, please know you can continue to raise support for your Scout group with online sales.  As your Scout unit prepares to submit Order No. 2 by Oct. 19, your sales effort does not have to end, if you don’t wish. This is the last order for in-person distribution from a district warehouse. You can continue to sell products available on the Trail’s End website to ensure you reach all your customers.

Find more on the Popcorn Sale by CLICKING HERE!

You can download a copy of the holiday product line up by CLICKING HERE!

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