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Like you, we don’t truly know what this summer will look like.  We are waiting on more guidance from proper authorities that will enable us to solidify our summer operations.  Our Council has assembled a task force of volunteers and staff to make informed decisions on the direction that the camping program will take and how we can safely operate this summer.  This committee has been actively meeting over the past several weeks.  The roster of the members of this committee is below:


Curt Brookhart
Council VP of Program
Adam Wehrman
Camp Lakota Director
Dave Sielschott
Camp Berry Director
Tammy Cooper
Council Cub Camping Chair
Jody Taylor
Council Scouts BSA Camping Chair
Senior Facilities Engineer at Eaton
Dr. James Dowling
Council Health Supervisor
Medical Director at Marathon
Jeff Iten
Council Board Member
Corporate Facilities Support Manager at Marathon
Ed Ingold
Council Properties Committee Member
Former Hancock County Commissioner
Dan Meffley
Council President
Mike Saxton
Council YPT Champion
Retired School Principal
Dave Thompson
Council VP of Marketing
Director of Operations & Logistics at Kennfeld
Mark Miller
Council VP of Strategic Plan
Municipal Judge
Stan Doty
Council VP of Endowment
Phil Havens
Council VP of Properties
Orthopedic Surgeon
Marc Kogan
Council Scout Executive
Tom James
Council Program Director
Black Swamp Area Council
2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
(419) 422-4356