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The strength of a den depends heavily on the strength of the den leader.  New dens have been forming the last two months and what the youth sees on a weekly or every other week basis is there den leader.  If the den leader is organized, engaged, having fun there is a great chance the youth are having fun and will stay in the program.  In theory each pack should have 12-24 registered den leaders (depending if the pack serves girls). In the council packs average three registered den leaders per pack and our council goal is to achieve five per pack.  Often times cubmasters and committee chairs are also doing double duty as a den leader.  For those aiding a den on top of your assignment already, it can be daunting task and a lot of work.

During August and September roundtable we rolled out the Leader of the Pack Incentive. Growing your packs den leaders and following the quarterly achievements your pack can earn $75.  At unit committee meetings have den leader recruiting on the agenda, build a short list of adults in which to ask and recruit from.  The best way to keep youth in the program is to have a quality den and it starts with the den leader. 


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