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Closing your unit’s Popcorn Sale

Registration of each Scout important: It’s important to note each Scout in a unit needs to be registered in the Trail’s End system to receive their gift level for selling popcorn this year. This is for any Scout who sold $350 or more, so they can receive their electronic Amazon gift card code from Trail’s End.

Total number of patches for each Scout selling and total number of $250-plus sellers can be reported to Kim Davis at the Scout office. Also, should you not receive the correct number of patches, please let Kim Davis know at kimberly.davis@scouting.org.

Popcorn payment due: Please remember to make your popcorn payment, as it’s important for completing the popcorn sale, and ensuring units receive its extra incentives.

  • Show & Sell payments were due Oct. 26
  • Take Order payment is due Dec. 5
  • Other important Popcorn dates:
    • Take Order Sales product pickup for units, Nov. 8-9, check with your district kernel for details
    • Units with outstanding balances will forfeit bonus, if not paid by Dec. 5
    • Unit commissions deposited into unit accounts, on Dec. 20
    • Seller’s Club movie event, Jan. 4, 2020, Findlay

Military donations: Please remember to complete your military donations for outstanding dollars collected, to ensure your unit and Scouts receive proper credit. This could make a difference in the level of prize a Scout may qualify for, as well as unit level incentives. 

Online sales: Units can continue to sell online to earn additional funds. Scouts will continue to receive credit toward Amazon gift cards.

Have questions? Contact Jim Mason at jim.mason@scouting.org or Kim Davis at kimberly.davis@scouting.org.

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