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CH Pinewood Derby Registration
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CH Pinewood Derby
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2020 Chinquapin District

Virtual Pinewood Derby Saturday April 17th

Cost:  $10.00 per participant.

2021 Pinewood Derby Rules

Where to drop off cars: 

Unit leaders should collect winning cars in both speed and paint/design after the unit level race. Mark each car with Scout name, rank, and speed or paint.

Please drop off all the unit's cars at one time to one of the drop off locations below. Call for an appointment and please wear a mask.

Paul Frank II 855 Anthony Wayne Blvd. Defiance, OH 43512 (419) 438-5034

Erika Dutcher 427 Mattera Dr. Wauseon, OH 43567 (219) 608-1470

Jason Vasko  202 Hawthorn Dr. Archbold, OH 43502 (419) 388-8950

Stephanie Sindel 162 Cleveland Ave. Defiance, OH 43512 (419)-438-8268


Who Qualifies?: 
A registered Cub Scout in the Chinquapin District who has won 1st Place (by Rank in their Unit’s Competition) in the categories of Speed or Paint.

Example 1: Pack sends Speed Winners: 1st place Lion, 1st place Tiger, 1st place Wolf.

Example 2: Pack sends Paint Winners: 1st place Lion, 1st place Tiger, 1st place Wolf.


Units with multiple Dens of the same rank may only send ONE Speed and ONE Paint winner from that rank.

If 1st place winner is unable to attend, a Unit may send 2nd place winner to District Race.


Registration Details

Registration closes Thursday April 15.

All cars need to be turned in by no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday April 16.

Please be advised that pre-registration is the only way to participate as cars must be turned in to District reps by the April 16  deadline.


Qualification: All cars racing in the District Pinewood Derby will be inspected using the 2021 Chinquapin Derby rules. Any car that does not pass the inspection, will be modified (if possible) to pass by adults in the district inspection team. This team will also graphite all cars prior to racing on race day.


AwardsAll certificates will be mailed out to participants and winners. All trophies will be hand delivered to the front porch of winners house (no contact delivery) by Scouting leadership personnel.  Winners will be notified in advance.


Cars: After the races all cars will be returned to your unit leaders, and they will return them to their scouts. Please be patient while unit leaders make arrangements to return cars to their proper owners.

How to Watch: District Race will be Facebook and/or YouTube Live streamed. The link for this is forthcoming.

Race Times (Race Winners)



Estimated Race Start

Webelos II     (5th grade)

tbd a.m.

Webelos I     (4th grade)

tbd a.m.

Bear     (3rd grade)

tbd a.m.

Wolf    (2nd grade)

tbd a.m.

Tiger     (1st grade)

tbd a.m.

Lion  (Kindergarten)

tbd p.m.


Virtual Car Show (Paint Winners)


 Paint entries will be highlighted throughout the race day and winners announce at the end. An exact time to tune in for paint winners will be announced closer to race day.




Other details:

•           Must race same car that was built and won at your unit race this year

•           Cars are inspected using the 2020 Black Swamp Area Council Rules (attached)

•           Races will be conducted using the “Double Elimination” method

•           All cars must be built using BSA licensed kits

•           Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each rank


Any questions or concerns please contact:

Chinquapin District Executive - Erika Dutcher - (219) 608-1470

District Pinewood Derby Race Coordinator – Paul Frank II – (419) 438-5034

$10.00 per Arrow of Light Car Show
$10.00 per Arrow of Light Speed
$10.00 per Bear Car Show
$10.00 per Bear Speed
$10.00 per Lion Car Show
$10.00 per Lion Speed
$10.00 per Tiger Car Show
$10.00 per Tiger Speed
$10.00 per Webelos (4th) Car Show
$10.00 per Webelos (4th) Speed
$10.00 per Wolf Car Show
$10.00 per Wolf Speed

Black Swamp Area Council
2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
(419) 422-4356