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Findlay falls right in the central line of the eclipse!

How to View the Total Solar Eclipse Safely

April 8, 2024

During an eclipse the sun is very interesting to look at. A momentary glance or a few glances at the sun is not enough to damage the retina (the back surface of your eyes) though it can create significant afterimages. Because an eclipse can last a few hours if you glance up or look at it many times this can create a cumulative exposure and risk causing permanent retinal damage resulting in vision loss. It is estimated that after a total of 6 seconds of exposure that retinal changes start to occur.

  • Do not view an eclipse with regular sunglasses!
  • Eclipse glasses are different from regular sunglasses.
  • When selecting eclipse viewing glasses, look for the ISO 12312-2 marking as an indicator that the eclipse glasses meet safety standard.
  • Be sure the filters are not scratched, punctured, torn, loose, or damaged.
  • DO NOT USE telescopes or binoculars without the proper filters.
  • Welder masks OK if shade #12-14 (do not use if has “changeable” lens)

While it is reported to be safe to view a total solar eclipse without protection for the few minutes the moon has totally blocked the sun it is safer to view with eye protection.

For a list of providers of viewing glasses/filters go to this website:



Below are resources for additional information:







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