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Alexandra Patterson named Exploring Executive

Alexandra Patterson has been named the new Exploring Executive of the Black Swamp Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. As the Exploring Executive, Alex is overseeing the 13 counties in Northwest and West Central Ohio, helping connect the youth of tomorrow with local businesses giving them hands-on work experience.

As someone with a diverse background in nonprofit work, Alex is eager to help create a brighter future for our community and for generations to come. Her previous work with the Toledo Humane Society helped Alex build relationships with local organizations and raise life-saving funds all while being a voice for the animals that entered the shelter’s care. Before that, Alex’s role as an educator at a children’s science center in Florida cemented her passion for education and providing fun, hands-on opportunities for children to learn and grow.

As a Northwest Ohio native, Alex is passionate about doing better for her community. She grew up in Swanton, OH and in 2013, she became a Falcon at Bowling Green State University! Alex graduated with her Bachelor of Science in 2017 and moved to England for a year, where she was able to work with orphaned seal pups and educate the children on how to help wildlife. After a year overseas, Alex had the opportunity to become a part-time beach bum in Florida. While she loved the sun, sand, and sea, home called to her and she returned to Ohio to be with her loved ones with her two beloved pups, Esby and Mabel, in tow.

“I am a fierce believer we have a duty to leave the world better than the way we found it, and I feel that it starts with raising generations who are happy, passionate, and driven. When you expose youth to new experiences and ignite that fire within them, it’s a feeling they carry with them throughout life. They grow to be good human beings who want to invest in their families, education, and community,” she said. “No matter what role they take on in life, it’s important we find ways to foster their hearts and minds. This Exploring program does exactly that. It takes organizations that are already passionate about investing in the future of others and creating opportunities in the community and it connects them with a group of students who are eager to learn. It helps students more easily identify their passions and learn to embrace them. Alternatively, it could show some there are other paths in life that they want to discover that they had never even considered. I cannot wait to help form these partnerships in the community and encourage students to embrace this journey as they discover what awaits them.”

You can reach Alex at Alex.Patterson@Scouting.org or at (567) 208 - 5392.

Please help us welcome Alex to the Black Swamp Area Council team.


Black Swamp Area Council
2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
(419) 422-4356