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Troop 97 Scout prepared and responds to house fire

Medal of Merit. The Medal of Merit may be awarded to a youth member or adult leader who has performed an act of service of rare or exceptional character and reflects an uncommon degree of concern for the wellbeing of others. Since 1945, only 6,500 Scouts have received this recognition.

On May 15, 2020, Hayden Steinbrunner was outside dumping scrap when he noticed there was smoke and flames in the kitchen of the home. His mother was inside the residence at the time cooking dinner and a grease fire has started. Without hesitation, Hayden acted quickly by retrieving a fire extinguisher and using the P.A.S.S method of fire extinguisher use, (PASS= pull the pin, aim, squeeze trigger, sweep the flames), quickly extinguishing the flames.

After the flames were extinguished, Hayden turned his concern to the safety of his mother and sister.  He moved them outside into fresh air and encouraged them to cough out any residual dry chemicals they may have inhaled. Hayden was quite concerned about others in the house more than himself. He took the time to make sure that his family was safe and without hesitation began to clean up the mess left from the fire extinguisher deployment. Without his quick action, the fire could have spread rapidly causing more damage to the residence.

This is a perfect example of being prepared and using one’s Scout training in an emergency situation.

For his calmness, guidance and actions, the Black Swamp Area Council awards the Medal of Merit to then Tenderfoot Scout Hayden Steinbrunner. Hayden is from Troop 97, Maria Stein, Ohio, sponsored by the American Legion Post #571.


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