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THE EAGLE - June 2021

What does it mean to be an Eagle Scout? How does one become an Eagle Scout?   Why does it require a project? These are common questions to someone who hasn’t achieved the rank of Eagle. We celebrate when a Scout is decorated with the Eagle Scout rank. We give gifts and have a party. But what happens before the party? How much does a Scout really have to accomplish in order to earn the rank that only 6% of Scouts have the honor of claiming?

Logan Necker Troop 314 Mount Blanchard Ohio Receives $1,000 Scholarship from Findlay Kiwanis Club

Logan Necker received $1,000 Technology Scholarship through the Findlay Kiwanis Club.  The scholarship is geared for two-year technology school.  Logan is looking forward to attending Hobart Welding School and focusing on the pipeline profession.  It is because of Scouting how he got interested in welding.  Back in 2017 there was a Merit Badge seminar at Millstream Career Center, and this fueled the interest in welding.  

Logan’s most memorable moment in Scouting: Going to summer camp at Camp Berry and Camp Lakota. Polar Bear experience he had to spend 24 hours outside.  He really liked it because it brings out the skills you know and the skills you will eventually learn in those 24-hour period.  Being able to spend time with friends learning new things.  The temperature was 15 degrees and having to cook your own meals and being in the element he really enjoyed it. 

Please enjoy Logan's Essay to the Findlay Kiwanis Club:

Growing up, I was told to find a hobby that I enjoy doing. To turn that hobby into a career that I will love. One that will support my Family. I Believe that is Welding.

Much of my youth was spent as a member of The Boy Scouts of America. This is where I learned my love of the outdoors, the importance of teamwork and leadership. Scouting also gave me my first exposure to welding when I participated in the Welding Merit Badge course. I was a Senior Patrol Leader of a Troop of 32 Scouts, organizing and leading weekly meetings. As I worked my way through the ranks, I learned how to work with individual personalities to help build a team that would get our goals accomplished. I completed 70-plus hours of community service that included trash pickup and Mt. Blanchard village clean up. I met requirements and completed National Youth Leadership Training in July of 2017. I reached the ultimate goal of earning the rank of Eagle Scout in October of 2019. One of the requirements for this rank is to complete a project that I organized and led. I had to meet with the church board to get approval for the remodel of the church nursery, get cost estimations, organize workdays and volunteers, and complete the remodel. I learned organizational skills, the importance of time management and multitasking. Scouting has taught me many life lessons that I will carry through my career and lifetime.

In 2017 I was nominated and awarded the "Nature" Award through the OBOY (On Behalf of Youth) organization.

I am a member of the National Honor Society and National Technical Honor Society.

I am a member of the Mount Blanchard United Methodist Church. I was a goalie for my high school soccer team my Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years of high school.

I am someone who learns best through hands on experience and training. Hobart Institute of Welding Technology offers this in abundance. Welding is a diverse career field. Diversity can help keep the work life interesting and exciting. A career in the welding industry offers the opportunity to travel while still working. I believe there is and will be a demand for skilled welders everywhere. I enjoy the challenge that welding gives me. Welding is something I have found that I enjoy and can also provide for me and my future family. I am looking forward to the training, challenges, and many experiences that I am about to embark on.

Logan would like to thank his mom (Amy) and dad (Kurt) younger brother (Benjamin) and Scoutmaster Doug Borkosky with Troop 314 at Mt. Blanchard United Methodist Church. 

If you know an Eagle Scout who could be featured, contact Jim Mason at jim.mason@scouting.org


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