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Because of you, 30 Days to Stronger Scouting Remains

30 Days to Stronger Scouting. What is it?

It’s your chance to give back to Scouting and help your Scout Unit earn free rank patches for a year!

How does it work?

Make your own Friends of Scouting donation, then ask the families in your unit and friends from your community to do the same. Every pledge and gift raised by your unit counts toward a pre-set unit goal.

Once your unit reaches goal, they can forego the traditional Family Friends of Scouting presentation and earn free rank patches through March of next year! Plus everyone in the unit gets a cool custom shoulder patch for their uniform.

A District representative might even visit your next banquet or Court of Honor to present you with a special certificate for being a top supporter!

We’ve designed a toolbox full of e-mail and social media samples and images to help you make asks of your families throughout the month.

Families can pledge in two ways: 1. Fill out a giving panel from the Friends of Scouting brochure and turn it in to your unit leader or district. 2. Visit https://tinyurl.com/bsacgive and make a pledge or gift online. Be sure to list your unit number to get credit toward the free patch incentive.

Some folks think Scouting just went to sleep during the pandemic, but our council had 166 Scouts earn the rank of Eagle over the last two years, including one female Eagle Scout! That doesn’t sound like sleeping to me, but something to celebrate! This year, Scouts get a full summer of camping adventures at both council camps. Your support makes it possible!

Visit https://www.blackswampbsa.org/donate-now/friends-of-scouting-2022/72189 to download the toolbox and read the handbook to help your unit get free patches.

Try out the 30 Days to Stronger Scouting program now. You have nothing to lose and the kids have everything to gain because 84 cents of every dollar goes right back to their program support.

Every ask you make supports a child in our Ohio communities.

For questions on the program, contact your District Professional, or you can contact Erika.Dutcher@Scouting.org or Jim.Mason@Scouting.org with council questions.




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