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Practical Study Weekend #3

Practical Study Weekend #3
Registration Begins
Last Day To Register
Camp Lakota, 2180 Ginter Road
Defiance, OH 43512, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

Welcome to the Practical Study Weekends!  These events are specifically designed for the Scouts who participated in the Virtual Summer Camp Program, the Cyber Swamp.  The purpose of these weekends is 3-fold:

  1. To give these Scouts an outdoor, weekend camping opportunity.
  2. Provide a chance for the Scouts to work on merit badge requirements that could not be accomplished online.

We will approach these weekends the same way we approached the mini sessions.  Scouts will need to sign up as Troops.  Each Troop can have no more than 10 participants, 2 of which must be registered adult leaders (21 or older, current Youth Protection Training).  If you have a larger number of Scouts who want to attend, you will need to split the Troop into multiple groups, each with their own registration.  Each group will require adult leadership as laid out above.  You can bring more than 2 adults, as long as your total number per group doesn’t surpass 10.  For each weekend, we will be allowing 8 total Troops to register. 


  • Weekend 1:  August 7-9, 2020 @ Camp Lakota
  • Weekend 2:  August 14-16, 2020 @ Camp Berry
  • Weekend 3:  September 11-13, 2020 @ Camp Lakota
  • Weekend 4:  September 25-27, 2020 @ Camp Berry


  • FREE for any Scout who attended one of the Cyber Swamp (Virtual Camp) weeks
  • FREE for Adults
  • $20 for any Scout who did not attend Cyber Swamp


  • Check in starts at 6:30 pm on Friday, and Troops must be checked out by 11:00 am on Sunday.
  • Every participant will be required to have Parts A & B of the medical form.  These will be turned in at check-in.
  • During check-in, everyone will have their temperature taken.  If anyone is running a fever, that individual, as well as anyone they rode with to camp, will be sent home.
  • Every participant will be required to wear a mask, per the mask mandate from the Governor.  Masks must be worn so that they cover the nose and the mouth.
  • Each Scout and Adult must have their own tent.  Parent and child are NOT permitted to share a tent.
  • Troops will be providing their own food for the weekend.  Please be prepared with food storage options, as well as needed cooking equipment, and a proper sanitation set up for dishes.
  • Campsites will be assigned to Troops prior to arrival, based on number of units that sign up, and number of participants.
  • If your Troop is bringing multiple groups due to the number of Scouts being higher than 8, each group will be assigned to their own campsite.  Make sure you have enough tents and cooking equipment for this scenario, as the two groups will not be mingling throughout the weekend.
  • During each weekend, the Camp will have the Archery and Rifle ranges open.  Troops will be assigned times to take advantage of these fun programs.
  • Each Troop will have 2-4 camp staff members assigned to them for the weekend.  These staff members will be available to work with your Scouts on remaining merit badge requirements.
  • Troops should plan to have activities or programs for their Scouts to do throughout the weekend.  This will ensure that Scouts are engaged, while other Scouts are busy working with the staff members.
  • If you are bringing a Scout who did not participate in the Cyber Swamp, there will NOT be opportunities for the staff members to teach them merit badges.  We are mainly focused on helping to wrap up requirements for the merit badges covered at Cyber Swamp.
  • Troop Trailers will be permitted to stay at the campsite during the weekend.  All vehicles must be kept in the main parking lot.
  • Scouts who attended Cyber Swamp get one Practical Study Weekend free as part of their fee they already paid.  If they would like to attend additional weekends, they are allowed, but they must pay the $20 fee for additional weekends, and they must come as part of a Troop, or make sure they have two-deep adult leadership to come as an individual.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out.  We are happy to assist in any way we can.



Tom James
Council Program Director

Adam Wehrman
Lakota Camp Director

Dave Sielschott
Berry Camp Director

Contact E-mail


Black Swamp Area Council
2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
(419) 422-4356