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Coffees & Teas




Support Scouting While Sipping a Hot Delicious Beverage

There is nothing better than to sip a hot cup of coffee or tea. That is why we are excited about selling ground coffee and tea options for our 2023 Coffee & Tea Sale!  This fundraiser aids Scouting to raise funds to help with summer camp and activities for the coming year!

The 2023 Coffee & Tea Sale runs from March 1 to April 7 to provide an opportunity for Scouts to earn money for their Scouting program. The sale features Erie Island Coffee Co. offering ground coffee and single-serve cups, and Harney & Sons Master Tea Co. with tea options.

Scout units will receive 30% commission on its total sale to help fund summer camp, high adventure treks, or even new equipment! All Scouts who participate are be eligible for prizes and rewards, with any Scout selling $1,800 or more receiving a free week of Summer Camp at a Black Swamp Area Council event this year!

Everyone loves a good drink, and this sale has the potential for great success. The commission returned to the unit will be 30% and a portion of the proceeds will support Black Swamp Area Council and camp operations.  Scouts who sell will be eligible for prizes and rewards.


Feb. 1-March 15   Complete the Sale Interest Survey and Request Order Forms 

March 1                Take Order Sale Begins

April 7                   Sale Ends

April 11                  All Unit Orders Due to Council

April 21                Submit Unit's Scout Prize Report for Patches, Prize Drawing, and Top Seller

April 24-28            Estimated Coffee & Tea Distribution to Units 

May 26                  Payments Due

June 1                   Prize Winners Announced  




Here are the steps to follow if your unit is interested in selling to earn money for summer camp and Scouting programs. If you have interest in participating, please complete this short survey to let us know how many Scout Order Forms you may need for your unit.

1. CLICK HERE to fill out the Sale Interest Survey form.

2. Black Swamp Area Council staff will follow up with you to arrange delivery of order forms



Take Order

  • Distribute Scout Order Forms to your Scouts
  • Scouts sell to friends, family, neighbors, and local businesses
  • Collect order forms and money from Scouts
  • Place unit order with council on Unit Order Form by April 11
  • Pick up order the week of April 24-28, locations to be announced.
  • Distribute product to Scouts for delivery

NEED EXTRA SCOUT ORDER FORMS?: If Scout Order Forms are needed, contact Jennifer Treece, Jennifer.Treece@scouting.org




  • Scouts collect payment at time of order. Be sure checks are made out to the unit and NOT council
  • Scouts turn in payments and order form to the unit’s Coffee Coach
  • Unit deposits all payments into unit’s bank account



Council Staff Advisor: Development Director Jennifer Treece Jennifer.Treece@scouting.org  

Website www.BlackSwampBSA.org



  • Unit writes one check to Black Swamp Area Council for 70% of unit’s total sales.
    • Council WILL NOT accept checks from individuals purchasing product. Only checks from the unit will be accepted
  • Mail check to: Black Swamp Area Council, 2100 Broad Ave., Findlay OH 45840, or
    • Bring check into one of our two Scout Service Centers, or
    • Pay by credit card: call Linda Weyer at (419)422-4356.
  • Payments are due by May 26



Submit all your unit’s individual Scouts’ names and dollar amount sold by one of the following methods via the Scout Prize Report form.  (Please note: List each individual Scout by Name, Scout’s sales, NOT combined family sales). This information is due by April 21, for Scouts to be eligible for Prizes.

  1. Download and print Scout Prize Report form, submit: 
    1. Bring to one of the two Scout offices
    2. Mail to Black Swamp Area Council, 2100 Broad Ave., Findlay OH 45840
    3. E-mail form to Jennifer Treece at Jennifer.Treece@Scouting.org



Scouts who sell coffee during the 2023 Spring Coffee Sale will be eligible for prizes. Prizes for youth only. See details on submitting Scout’s Sales efforts in “Prize Submission” section.

  • Patch – Scouts who sell $25+ earn a patch.
  • Prize Drawing – Scouts earn one entry for every $150 sold. Two prizes will be drawn. Drawing will be June 1.
    • Prize Drawing 1 – $30 Scout Shop Gift Card
    • Prize Drawing 2 – $20 Scout Shop Gift Card
  • Top Sellers – The Top 3 Sellers in Black Swamp Area Council will receive Scout Shop gift cards!
    • #1 Seller – $100 Scout Shop Gift Card
    • #2 Seller – $50 Scout Shop Gift Card
    • #3 Seller – $25 Scout Shop Gift Card
  • $1,800 Plus Sellers - EARN FREE WEEK OF CAMP - any Scout selling $1,800 or more will receive a free week of Summer Camp 2023, an experience at one of the following Black Swamp Area Council events: Scouts BSA camp, NYLT, day camp, Adventure Camp, or a council family weekend event. Only registration will be fee covered (additional fees are not covered like merit badge fees, slushy mug, etc.). This is a one-time voucher and there is no cash value. Only one Scout per voucher. Transferable only within the same household. A Webelos Arrow of Light Scout can qualify this year and apply toward a Scout BSA camp next summer. Offer Expires Dec. 31, 2023.


    Thank you for participating in the Black Swamp Area Council 2023 Spring Coffee & Tea Sale!


    Black Swamp Area Council
    2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
    (419) 422-4356