Dear Black Swamp Area Council,

Thank you for all your efforts to keep the Scouting program strong.  As we have moved through the first month of our schools being in session, we wanted to share that an update for unit operations.  The key thing is we do not want Scouting to be a reason from community spread.  It will be up to all of us to ensure that we follow these protocols to keep every safe.  Remember a Scout is courteous, kind, obedient and clean. 

In addition to the guidance that was previously published, the council has updated the Restart Scouting Safety Planning Guide.  This was created after input from our local health departments including the locations where the council has camping facilities.   Included is a useful chart that can be used to help guide unit committees in developing plans for meetings, outings, and other unit activities.  Please be mindful of these requirements, and the specific guidance of the state or county in which your activity is planned.

Restart Scouting Safety Planning Guide:

Restart Scouting Safely Checklist:

Use this link to view the Boy Scouts of America guidelines: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-693.pdf

Restart Scouting Safety Planning Guide and Restart Scouting Safely Checklist are Black Swamp Area Council documents and the Restart Scouting Checklist is from the National Council.  Please note our local information is more restrictive. The Restart Scouting Safety Planning Guide and Restart Scouting Safely Checklist are our council’s effort to consolidate and present state and local regulations concerning the pandemic and how it affects youth groups.  Since the local documents reflect local requirements, they should be the documents that are used where differences exist.

Reservations for both Camp Lakota and Camp Berry are open at www.BlackSwampBSA.org.  Camp Lakota and Camp Berry are available for overnight camping and unit events, depending on your counties health level from the State of Ohio health advisory system.

Since most Dens and Patrols are smaller than 10 Scouts, use the nice weather and longer days to hold your meetings in an outdoor venue, using the prescribed procedures to keep everyone healthy.  Use the ‘Outing’ in ‘Scouting’ to deliver the promise to our youth.  Following the guidance now is the time to start to have those small in person meetings. 

Den Leaders, there is a multitude of great virtual den meeting resources at this link: https://www.scouting.org/programs/cub-scouts/den-meeting-resources/den-leader-tips-tricks-video-series/

If your unit has not already engaged in using the google tools, including Google Meets for virtual Pack, Troop and Unit Committee meetings, being provided by the council, you are encouraged to do so. Contact your District Executive for more info: https://blackswampbsa.doubleknot.com/about-us/council-staff/63352

Fall Popcorn Sale has kicked off including free shipping options for online orders. For more information, visit http://www.blackswampbsa.org/program/popcorn/63338

Our interests are in making sure that you and your Scouts remain safe and healthy.  We encourage everyone to make sure that their activities reflect the latest standards and regulations from our local health agencies and the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Scout On,

Marc Kogan
Scout Executive