Salute to Scouting
September 2020

Black Swamp Area Council partners with local universities to help with national Scouting efforts

When the Covid pandemic hit this Spring, our volunteers saw a need to create virtual resources for Den Leaders and parents to help our Scouts continue the program at home. This summer, National BSA decided to help create videos from local councils across the country to support Den Leaders and virtual meetings. Black Swamp Area Council stepped up to make two of those videos

Our first video was completed in collaboration with Tiffin University’s eSports’ department. Corinne Z., from Pack 445 and Chalin Cahlik, the Head Coach took us on a tour of their facility and helped to lead the Tiger adventure Tiger-iffic which is all about gaming! We played some traditional games, like hopscotch, and we also played some video games like Super Smash Bros. With the assistance of District Executives Alice Lalone and Erika Dutcher, and Assistant Scout Executive Colin Earl, the local video has been shared nationally with all Scouts.


You can view the video Tiger – Elective – Tiger-iffic at

This also marked an exciting opportunity to partner with the Tiffin eSports’ department, which was one of the first eSports programs to begin in the country. The world of digital athletics as video game competitions has taken off on college campuses and consumer commerce forums across the country. The Tiffin program has been a leader in this pioneering field, which focuses on science, technology, engineering and math.

The second video we created was a partnership with the University of Findlay’s Mazza Museum and some members of Pack and Troop 308. The Mazza Museum helped Scouts earn the Tiger Tales adventure. In the video, participants played traditional games and learned about folk tales. We even got to take a tour of the museum and see all the great picture book artwork!

You can view the video Tiger – Elective – Tiger Tales at 

The National Boy Scout office continues to upload content for Scout leaders and families. They have created an Activity Hub, where you can find more information for program helps on their website, here at


The council has made available the Google Suite platform for units and distributed user names and access to key leadership within each unit in the council to hold meetings virtually.  Connect with if you need more information on this. 

Drive-thru Pack Meeting delivers awards and Smiles to all

Cub Scout Pack 309 out of Findlay came up with a creative way to continue to celebrate its Scouts this summer! To maintain social distancing and keep everyone healthy while passing out rank advancements and belt loops they conducted a drive-thru Cub Scout Pack Meeting.

Leaders were able to set up the meeting in driveway loop of the school where they meet and using Zoom, the group did a combination virtual/drive through Pack meeting.  


Scout leaders set up the meeting table and flags on the sidewalk in front of the school. Webelos Scouts helped to lead the example by wearing face masks and opening the meeting up with the Pledge of Allegiance and Scout Oath and Law. Families lined up in their cars in the driveway lot and watched the meeting using Zoom. The Cubmaster read the presentation for all the rank ceremonies and then each Scout and their family drove through the loop to pick up their awards through the car window and the announce the rank and awards the Scouts were receiving over zoom so all the Scouts could see their friends get the awards.  Scouts sat in the passenger side wearing their uniforms and masks so they could directly receive their awards.

As you can tell, all the Scouts and their families really enjoyed being able to see each other in person and receiving their awards!


If you have a Scouting story to share, please e-mail Jim Mason at