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- Charter Partners
- Churches
- Schools

- Invite a Friend card
- Hold an open house

- Create a check list
- Create a recruitment plan






- Youth and Adult Applications Online Applications

Getting Started  Beascout.org

Youth & Adult Applications – Downloadable and Fillable

    -Youth    - Adult

Cub Scout Recruitment Resources

   - How to volunteer in Cub Scouting  Recruitment idea book

- Adult Recruitment Playbook


- Restart Scouting Checklist & Unit guidelines

-Restart Scouting  -Unit Guidelines

- Cub Scout Recruitment Resources

   - How to volunteer in Cub Scouting  Recruitment idea book

- Adult Recruitment Playbook


- G Suite Resources

-  Virtual Meeting set up  - Creating a QR Code ?



- Recruitment Night Resources

Unit Membership Plan  - Join Scout Night Flyer Request

Sign in Sheet  - Parent Orientation meeting agenda

Checklist for unit leaders How can I help handout


When recruiting cub scouts involve both the youth and the parents.  Youth are more likely to stay involved if their parent is involved or excited about the program. Show them that the program is fun and offers hands-on learning and places kids in the middle of action pact adventures  Planning and coordinating a Scouts transition between pack to troop makes the transition seamless and offers the chance to experience the fun and excitement of join Scouts BSA. When recruiting Scout BSA members focus on the programing and that it gives the youth the opportunity to grow in their community while gaining hands on experience that will stick with them for a lifetime.  New Scouts bring energy and enthusiasm to the troop program.

Invite a Friend Cards

Template # 1 (Rock Climbing)
Template #2 (Pinewood Derby)
-Template # 3 (Fishing)
Invite to Adventure camp : 

Whose responsible for what during the process? 

What questions should you ask when selecting a Troop?

Do not forget about your discount for Summer Camp.

Crossover Scout Discount

Host a Troop Open House
Troop Invite a Friend Card
-Template # 1 ( (Rock Climbing)
-Template #2 (Kayaking)
-Template #3 (Hiking)

Scouts BSA Camp

-Sign up and information


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2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
(419) 422-4356