New my.Scouting registration Features

The National Council has recently added some new features to my.scouting. to enhance our online registration features.  Check out some of theses resources to see how you as unit leaders and parents can Make updates to unit rosters with a click of a button.

My.Scouting Position Manager Job Aid

This feature combines the features that were available in Organization Security Manager i.e.. allowing you to assign “functional” roles to users, and the new feature to allow the Chartered Organization Representative (COR) (or their designee) to change registered positions. Click on the link above to access the Job Aid for completing position changes within units.

This will eliminates the need for adults to complete a new adult application if they are simply moving positions within their unit. This can now be done by simply dragging your mouse and a few clicks.

Transfers and Multiples for My.Scouting

This feature allows Members to transfer themselves or parent/guardian can transfer their child from one unit to another. Unit leaders also have the ability to transfer youth from their unit to another such as in Arrow of Lights transferring to a Scouts BSA troop. Unit leader transfers are done in the “Roster” tab of Member Manager or Organization Manager.  The link above walks you through the steps on how to complete a transfer , and how to set up an individual as a multiple in other units. 

**Please note that when searching for units you will need to use the full four digit unit number **

The format is .

  • Packs - Start with 3 (i.e. pack 35 would be 3035 or pack 5 would be 3005)
  • Troop - Start with a 0 (i.e. troop 35 would be 0035 or troop 5 would be 0005

If you have any questions or run into any problems with theses features contact Mackenzie McMaster, council registrar.
(567) 208-5312