Extraordinary Explorer

The Exploring program delivers charcter building experiances and mentorship to youth ages 14-21, to help them achieve their full potentional in both life and work. This is done by engaging and mentoring the youth in career and life-enhancing opportunities. The experiances that Exploring creates make conenctions between the youth and local community leaders in specific interest areas.

Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted is slated to be the keynote speaker of the 2020 Exploring Recognition Event on March 30, to be conducted virtually through Zoom. This event recognizes youth participants, adult volunteers, and chartered organizations for their commitment to educating the future of our local workforce.

The sponsorship of this event helps provide youth with scholarship opportunities, programming and the ability to be recognized for their accomplishments in Exploring. Our movement continues to impact youth through this pandemic. Currently, there are more than 480 registered Explorers throughout our 26 Exploring Posts.

Black Swamp Area Council continues to provide support and a commitment to education and volunteerism as we impact the lives of young men and women across Northwest and West Central Ohio. Exploring and the youth we serve are getting a head-start on the journey to their future career.

We will be distributing the following awards at the event:

Grow The Movement – Largest percentage increase in membership

Newcomer of the Year – A New post with excellent youth and adult membership numbers, strong impact in their community, and a commitment for long term success.

Advisor of the Year – An individual that has a great attitude, excellent leadership qualities, and cares about the post and the quality of programming for Explorers

Exploring $500 Scholarship – An individual that has great attendance, participation, leadership, and needs to be pursuing additional education opportunities after high school. (college, certification, or training by a certified instructor). Needs to have a minimum of a 3.5 grade-point average to apply.

Post of the Year – This award goes to an organization that demonstrates a continued commitment to educating and supporting local youth. This post should demonstrate qualities in education, membership numbers and growth, and a commitment to serving their community.

Spark Plug Award – This award is for an adult leader that embodies the spirit of Exploring. An individual that sees the importance career education has upon local youth and has the character and spark to get up and inspire youth.

On-Duty Award – This award is designated for Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS posts. The post must show quality attendance, strong youth and adult membership, post viability, and showcase their public service to their community.

If you are interested in attending or learning additional,  contact Colin Earl at colin.earl@scouting.org  or register online by March 19.

Black Swamp Area Council Assistant Scout Executive Colin Earl recently stopped by a few of our health-care providers who partner with hosting Exploring Post programs with a special “thank you” gift of Scouting popcorn. These are just a couple examples of local community involvement helping deliver the Exploring work-force development program to the youth in Northwest and West Central Ohio.

Exploring delivered a thank you gift Jan. 29 to Lima Memorial Hospital front line workers.
It's been a challenging year for many and on behalf of Black Swamp Area Council Exploring we say “thank you.“

Colin Earl delivered a thank you gift to Blanchard Valley Hospital front line workers Jan. 18. The youth program is looking forward to a strong return in 2021.

If you are interested in attending or learning additional,  contact Colin Earl at colin.earl@scouting.org  or register online by March 19.

If you have a story on a local Explorer, please contact Colin Earl at colin.earl@scouting.org . Whether you’re a local organization looking to strengthen the community or a young person wanting to uncover the possibilities of your future, Exploring is a great place to start.