Scouts BSA Summer Camp

Hello Unit Leader,

With our current winter weather, it is hard to imagine enjoying a nice summer evening around a campfire with your unit at scout camp, but that is what your camp staff is working on right now. 

I wanted to let you know that we have started our preparations to provide you and your unit another great summer camp experience. Our directors have been selected and they are busy hiring staff and building out their programming to be prepared for when you bring your unit to camp. 

They know you look at camp as an important part of your unit’s camping program. A week of outdoor activities, fun, adventure, and advancement.  

Their team will be in place to help you re-invigorate your scouting program after the struggle to maintain a unit during the pandemic. 

As soon as the weather breaks, we will start getting the camp facilities ready for your unit. 

Can you please take some time to let us know when your unit might be coming to camp? It will help us to be better prepared to bring you the camping experience you have come to expect. 

Enjoying a nice summer evening around a campfire at scout camp will soon go from a memory to a reality! 


Black Swamp Area Council Camping Committee