The Eagle

November 2020

What does it mean to be an Eagle Scout? How does one become an Eagle Scout? Why does it require a project? These are common questions to someone who hasn’t achieved the rank of Eagle. We celebrate when a Scout is decorated with the Eagle Scout rank. We give gifts and have a party. But what happens before the party? How much does a Scout really have to accomplish in order to earn the rank that only 4% of Scouts have the honor of claiming?

The Eagle medal is pinned to Alex’s uniform by his mother Nancy at his Court of Honor on Oct. 25 at St. Marys American Legion. Photo courtesy of The Evening Leader.

Friends, family and fun give Scout foundation on way to Eagle Scout rank

Alex Mauter officially passed his Board of Review to earn the rank of Eagle Scout back in February but conducted his Court of Honor for it nearly eight months later.

When asked what piece of advice he would give to younger Scouts, Alex said, “Don’t treat ‘Do a Good Turn Daily’ as just some saying that the Scouts have, it is a fundamental part of Scouting and you can always do something nice and helpful for someone every and any day.” 

Alex started his Scouting experience like many others, joining Cub Scouts at a young age and growing through the program.

During his time in Scouting, Alex a great many unit, district, and council events and has quite the patch collection to show for it. Additionally, Alex earned 36 merit badges and has become the first Scout in Troop 138 to earn a Bronze palm, Gold Palm, and Silver Palm for going above and beyond.

In Scouting, Alex has made many memories. When asked what his favorite part of it has been, Alex said, “Hanging out with my buddies here.”

One of Alex’s most memorable Scouting moments happened two or three years ago while he attended summer camp at Camp Lakota. He’d been the only Scout to sign up for a session of Archery merit badge. Thanks to that, the three staff members in the area were able to focus solely on Alex and help him become a better archer. Alex has since made a regular hobby of shooting archery, setting up hay bales in his backyard for it.

Alex also remembers his experience attending National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) with fondness and recommends it to every Scout able to take the course.

For his Eagle Project, Alex worked with the City of St. Marys and the St. Marys Gardening Club to establish a minimum-maintenance garden and beautify the city, as well as setting up bat boxes, which are handmade roosting places for bats with the intention of assisting the local ecology, along the Miami-Erie Canal. Alex says the project could not have gotten done with the great deal of support the community poured out for it, especially from the Gardening Club and the Club’s liaison, Wes Protsman, who is himself an Eagle Scout.

Outside of Scouts, Alex is in band, school e-sports, he likes to read, play video games, Legos, and he works at the library.

When asked about his future, Alex says he intends to attend Bowling Green State University to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. To get him ready for, Alex has also joined the Exploring Post at the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office to go in with some experience already under his belt.

In honor of Alex earning the rank of Eagle Scout, Hudson Jewelers in St Marys, owned and operated by parents Erik and Nancy Mauter, now offers officially licensed Boy Scouts of America rings. A portion of the sale of each ring is donated to the Hubbard Dining Hall and Cooper Lodge project at Camp Lakota, a Black Swamp Area Council facility.

If you know a young person interested in joining Scouting or an adult interested in volunteering, please go to to find a group near you!

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