Extraordinary Explorers
July 2020
During these challenging times, one single connection and opportunity can make a positive difference in someone’s day. Today’s publication is about Kyle Van Horn a recent graduate from Van Buren High School. Kyle has been involved in with the Marathon Petroleum Engineering Exploer post since his freshmen year .  Read on to see how the experiences aided him in his journey. 

Marathon Petroleum Engineering

Recently graduated from Van Buren High School, Kyle Van Horn has been involved with Marathon Petroleum Engineering Exploring program, participating in the program with all his friends since his freshman year.

One memorable experience with the program is attending Ohio Northern University where he soldered wringing wiring and built Christmas ornaments.  “Having the ability to learn from Marathon Employees and getting another frame of reference from the diverse team within in the Exploring adult volunteers is super beneficial.” 

Kyle is active within the Van Buren cross country team, show choir, and theater.  He also participated in 4H and played piano through Junior year of high school. 

Kyle recently received scholarships from ONU Presidential Scholarship and Findlay Kiwanis Club Scholarship, Van Buren Lions club, Children’s Mentoring Network, Von Bishop Memorial, John W. Hollington, and Marie D. Berry scholarship. 

“This past year has been a challenge with being a senior and not getting the interactions with friends and classmates the last part of the semester.  Kyle was also looking forward to playing Prince Eric in the high school musical The Little Mermaid, which ended up being cancelled.”

Kyle is grateful for his family, sharing the following, “My mom and dad are always there supporting me. I would not be where I am without them.” 

Mr. Schumaker helped lead Kyle in Physics, Chemistry 1 & 2.  Mr. Schumaker also pushed Kyle to achieve past his potential in Cross Country being the coach for the team in 2018-2019 school year.   

Over the next five years Kyle is planning to graduate with as little debt as possible from college.  He would also like to stay local within his career staying within Hancock County area and finding a career in mechanical engineering.

“Once you get connected with the Exploring program you get connected with the Opportunities”.

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