Extraordinary Explorers
June 2020
During these challenging times, one single connection and opportunity can make a positive difference in someone’s day. Today’s publication is about Drew McClain, a 2020 graduate from Findlay High School, and how the Exploring program connected him with an opportunity to explorer a career field in Firefighting. 

Hancock County Local Fire Department

Drew joined Exploring after it caught his eye during a career day at Findlay High School. Drew said, “The once a month meetings, were perfect for my schedule and each month, I learned different aspects on Firefighting.”  After attending a few meetings, he connected with the local Vanlue Fire Department.

Drew has now been a part of the department for more than a year.  Steve Baum of the Vanlue Fire Department said, “He has put in countless hours with the department and has become one of the family with Vanlue Fire Department.”  During his time with the department he was able to do trainings with them and become more involved with their volunteer department and became fully immersed. 

Drew received his own gear and had the opportunity to participate in some ride-a-longs.  These were real life calls, where he was able to experience and see firsthand the ins and outs of being a firefighter. Drew made the remark “They are such a great group of guys and I learned a ton!”

The Exploring program and his connection with the Vanlue Department gave him something to work towards, as his senior year did not go as planned.  Drew said, “It was disappointing being a senior and having school impacted from Covid-19.”  Drew was a part of the Findlay High School Baseball team where they had great group of seniors on the team and were ready for a great season.  When things didn’t go as planned, Drew stayed positive and maintained a close relationship with his team members, who will always remain his friends.

His teammates were not the only ones who he created a close relationship with, he created a lasting relationship with the whole fire department. As of June 4th, 2020 Drew was elected onto the Vanlue Fire Department as a Probationary Firefighter.  Drew will be attending fire school to become a Firefighter EMT at either Butler Tech or St. Petersburg college in Florida. He sees himself with a fulltime department within the area, earning a Firefighter II and paramedic license. Drew thanks his parents, who have always supported him and helped him look for his best options and outcomes for his future and career.

“Once you get connected with the Exploring program you get connected with the Opportunities”.

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