Dear Scouting Community,

With news of Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the globe, now is a good time to review some safety info. We’ve all caught some kind of infection, or sickness, from someone else. These illnesses are known as communicable or contagious diseases because they are spread from one person to another. They may occur when a healthy person becomes infected through contact with a sick person or by touching something that a sick person has come in contact with. Communicable diseases are caused by germs—both viruses and bacteria—and some examples include colds, flu, or strep throat. You can catch infections in several different ways, but all involve germs coming in contact with mucous membranes (like your eyes, nose, or mouth) or through breaks in the skin (like a cut or a hangnail).

Our Council remains vigilant in monitoring the situation and making sure that we are making informed, proper decisions when deciding whether to postpone or cancel future events. If an event still occurs, there are some easy tips to follow to help protect yourself and prevent the spread of communicable diseases:

  • Good handwashing with soap and water
  • Do not shake hands with other event attendees
  • If your immune system is not working well or you have not received all recommended vaccines, be sure to stay away from anyone who is ill
  • Use social distancing

More information about communicable disease prevention can be found here.