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The last four years have been a real challenge for Scouting. Even more so the last two years with Covid. We all know that Scouting is the best youth development program created. Just like our units have a plan when they go camping, we as a council need to have a plan and objectives.

The strategic objectives our council Executive Committee adopted at our May Executive Committee meeting can be found at this link:

While some of these will prove challenging and might not be completed in a years’ time, it gives us something to focus on. Our plan would be each fall to update these objectives for the upcoming year. Next week we plan to share these objectives with the unit leaders of our council to provide insight on what we are working towards as one council and Scouting family.

Yours in Scouting,

Mark Miller                                                                                                               Marc D Kogan

VP Admin & Strategic Plan                                                                                     Scout Executive



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