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Trail’s End Technology Update

Beginning April 7, 2021, users will need to complete a multi-factor authentication to sign into the Trail’s End App & website as well as the Popcorn System.
What is Multi-Factor Authentication?
MFA is an authentication method that requires you to provide a form of verification in addition to your password. This is usually a numerical code that is sent via text message. You have likely used MFA when signing into accounts with your existing banking and other technology services.
How will Multi-Factor Authentication be used?
When signing into the Trail’s End systems, users will be sent a six-to-eight-digit number through your choice of text message or email. Scouts are able to have multiple phone numbers and email addresses affiliated with their account, and they can select to which phone number or email address they want the MFA code sent. Unit leaders and council users will have one phone number and email address to select from.
Why is Trail’s End making this change?
In 2020, we implemented reCAPTCHA on the Trail’s End App and website. We are continually improving our security to protect our systems and your information. Based on requests from leaders and Scout families and industry trends, we are switching to eliminate reCAPTCHA to help you sign in faster, easier, and safer while also providing greater security.
What do I need to do?
All you need to do is sign into your Trail’s End account prior to April 7 and verify that your email address and/or phone number are accurate and/or add any additional emails or phone numbers affiliated with your account.

Communication Plan
The above notice will be sent to all council users, unit leaders, and Scouts that have signed in since Jan 1, 2019, on Wednesday, March 31 at 12 PM EST. Reminders will be sent to those that do not open the email on Monday, April 5 ad 12 PM EST and Tuesday, April 6 at 12 PM EST.


If you have any questions, please contact Jim Mason at jim.mason@scouting.org.


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