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Dear Scouter,

Thank you to those that attended the 2019 Scouter’s Conference and providing feedback through the event survey.  Overall, the vast majority of people were satisfied with the event and would attend again (78% of the responses).  The idea of expanding the day to include a youth component was also well received.  Most individuals came to attend the Coordinated Meeting and the Recognition Luncheon.  We will work to provide these events with more time and so they do not feel rushed.  Holding other meetings that same day was mostly appreciated (87% of the responses were positive), with the exception of the District Training which required individuals to participate in multiple meetings.  81% of of the responses asked that we include a Merit Badge Program for Scouts, BSA members, a supervised Cub Scout program and a spouses program running in conjunction with the conference.  Most respondents to the survey suggested having a major training event on a separate day, but keeping the possibility of have shorter training available.

As with most surveys, there are both positive and negative in the comments section of responses.  However, the contrast of responses from this group of Scouters left me a bit puzzled.  I listed some examples:


Ying:      I do not approve of losing an entire weekend day for these types of meetings

Yang:     Combining all these events helps free up additional weekends with our families.


Ying:      Great selection of rooms.

Yang:     Classes were too spread out.  Could have been closer.   At least in the same building.


Ying:      Focus of the dinner should be only the Silver Beaver, President’s Awards and Wood Badge Beading.

Yang:     The dinner should include additional recognition of volunteers leading council programs such as camp, special events, etc.


Ying:      It was a great conference.  I enjoyed the conference.

Yang:     I would not attend given a choice.  I was disappointed in the day.


Ying:     The food was good.

Yang:    Need better food.


There were some common themes among the survey responses:


There didn’t seem to be a good schedule for the training.

Council Coordinated meeting felt rushed.

Did not have enough time to socialize.

Council committee meetings could have used more time.

Do not schedule training at same time as other Council events.

Greater emphasis on recognition portion of the event.


We look to incorporate your feedback into this years Scouters Conference on February 8, 2020. 


The Council Key 3 meeting, Council Coordinated Meeting, Council Annual Meeting, Council Recognition Award Luncheon with Silver Beaver presentation and Council Executive Board Meeting along with a Spouses program with Cub Scout and Scouts, BSA program to be held during this year’s Scouters Conference.  We are also looking at rotating the location to a different district annually and are scouting locations in the Old Sycamore District for 2020, Chinquapin for 2021 and Great Oaks for 2022.


If you have any interest in serving on the 2020 Scouters Conference Committee, please let me know by sending in an e-mail at:  mcmiller963@aol.com


Yours in Scouting,

Mark C. Miller
Past Council President
2020 Scouters Conference Chair

Black Swamp Area Council
2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
(419) 422-4356