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Because of the overwhelming response from our popcorn kernels and leaders, we are beginning our popcorn sale earlier this year. For 2019, the sale begins Thursday, Aug. 8, with unit orders for Show and Sell due to the council on Friday, Aug. 9. We know this is before the Old Sycamore Roundtable (Aug. 13) and therefore not all districts will have the information, but in order to have product in hand before Labor Day, we must do this. We hope all districts will understand. 

You may also go here to see the key dates, CLICK HERE!


For instructions on placing your Show and Sell order, please CLICK HERE!

It's time for Popcorn and we are so excited to be able to help simplify the sale this year with the popcorn app, online tutorials, Facebook page and more. Be sure to keep an eye on this web page for updates and information.


Show & Sell orders can now be placed online through your unit account with Trail's End. Order for Show & Sell are due by Aug. 9!

PLEASE NOTE - in order to have Show & Sell product in hands of units, your unit's Show & Sell order is due by Aug. 9, the day after the August Roundtable Kickoffs in 3 districts. For our Scouts in Old Sycamore this date is before your kickoff, so please connect and order your popcorn before kickoff. The unit leader who registered the unit to sell will have access to order the Show & Sell product via the Trail's End site. This date was established to be able to have popcorn product in hands of units before the Labor Day holiday weekend.

For help in how-to order popcorn online for unit leaders, CLICK HERE!

The ORDER FORMS are available in two convenient formats - 4 page and table tent order forms are downloadable by clicking on item on the right under "Popcorn Resources"

Kernel Kickoffs

Saturday, August 3, 2019 Location
New Unit Kernel & Online Sale Training Lima Scout Office, 752 W. Robb Ave., 9-11 a.m.
Thursday, August 8, 2019 Location
Arrowwood Kickoff Camp Berry, 11716 CR 40, Findlay, 6 p.m.
Chinquapin Kickoff St. Paul’s Methodist Church, 400 Wayne Ave., Defiance
Great Oaks Kickoff Lima Scout Office, 752 W. Robb Ave., Lima, 6 p.m.
Tuesday, August 13, 2019 Location
Old Sycamore Kickoff St. John Lutheran Church, 1100 N Main St, Celina

Popcorn Dates


Day of Week

Item of Note

Aug. 3 Saturday New Unit Kernel & Online Sale training Lima Scout office, 9-11 a.m.
Aug. 8 Thursday      Kickoff for Arrowwood - Camp Berry, 6pm, 11716 CR 40, Findlay
Aug. 8 Thursday      Kickoff for Chinquapin - Four County Career Center, 7-9pm
Aug. 8 Thursday      Kickoff for Great Oaks - Lima Scout Office, 6pm
Aug. 9 Friday Show & Sell Unit orders due to Council
Aug. 13 Tuesday      Kickoff for Old Sycamore - St. John Lutheran Church, 6:30pm
Aug. 23-24 Friday, Saturday Show & Sell unit popcorn pickup
Sept. 9 Monday Mid-season/chocolate unit order due to council
Sept. 21 Saturday Mid-season/chocolate unit order pickup at warehouse
Oct. 26 Saturday Take order sales due to Council
Oct. 26 Saturday Popcorn return day
Oct. 26 Friday Show & Sell payment due to Council
Oct. 26 Saturday Council level prize order forms due
Oct. 26 Saturday POPCORN SALE ENDS
Nov. 8-9 Friday, Saturday Take Order sales unit pickup
Dec. 5 Thursday Take Order payment due to Council
Dec. 5 Thursday Units with outstanding balances will forfeit bonus
Dec. 20 Friday Unit commissions deposited into Unit account
Jan. 4 Saturday Seller's Club movie event


Who to call

Thank you for your support of the Black Swamp Area Council Programs

Jim Mason, Development Director & Staff advisor for popcorn sale


Black Swamp Area Council
2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
(419) 422-4356