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Unit Committee Training Pack and Troop

The Executive Board of the Black Swamp Area Council adopted a training requirement for adult volunteers in the council in 2012.  Those training requirements are being phased in over a number of years.  The goal of the training is to enhance the programs offered to our youth members so that more of them will stay in Scouting.  Since the implementation of the training requirement, year over year the council has had an increase in youth retention. 

The Black Swamp Area Council’s training policy requires that all Committee Members be position trained. In an effort to keep youth in Scouting and keep Units chartered, we have made the training available through a variety of channels.

The council training committee and executive board understand that there have been challenges with the online modules and in the past the records have not been complete.  If you have members of your unit that you know have completed the training and their records are not up-to-date please email your district training chair and district executive.  The first point of the Scout Law is a Scout is Trustworthy. 

If you have members of your unit committee that have not completed the unit committee specific training here are 3 methods that you can help them complete the process:

  1. In person training dates and locations can be found at this website:  Council Training Schedule
  2. Online training modules can be taken at my.scouting.org  
  1. Training conducted by a member of your unit committee at a committee meeting using the approved syllabus:  

At the completion of the training a copy of the training report found at this link will need to submitted to the district training chair and district executive:  Training Report


For questions, assistance or additional resources, please contact your District Training Chair and/or District Executive.

Arrowwood (Hancock and Seneca Counties)

Training Co-Chair Linda Barclay 419-425-9877 lindarink@aol.com

Training Co-Chair Amy Masterson 567-207-8418 amasterson2001@gmail.com

District Executive Alice LaLone (567) 208-5286 alice.lalone@scouting.org                 

Chinquapin (Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding, and Williams Counties)

Senior District Executive Erika Dutcher (567) 226-4962 erika.dutcher@scouting.org

Great Oaks (Allen, Hardin and Putnam Counties)

Training Chair Traci Schnipke 419-657-2567 tschnipke1@gmail.com

District Director Jim Mason 937-597-8886 jim.mason@scouting.org

Old Sycamore (Auglaize, Mercer and Van Wert Counties)

District Training Co-Chair Dave Simons 419-230-7913 oldsycamoretraining@gmail.com

District Training Co-Chair Jody Taylor 419-232-7557 jodytaylor449@gmail.com

District Executive


Council Training Chair Walt Poffenbaugh 419-722-9188 bsactraining@gmail.com

Council Training Committee Tammy Speer 419-615-0459 hawthorntraining449@gmail.com

Council Staff Advisor/Program Director Tom James 419-581-9598 Tom.James@scouting.org


Training is imperative in order to deliver a quality program to the youth participating in Scouting. Not only do the Scouts in our units deserve it, the parents of our scouts expect that our volunteers are trained. These resources are designed to help you and your unit volunteers receive training while respecting their time and resources. We would not be able to serve over 6,000 young people without our dedicated volunteer core.  

Black Swamp Area Council
2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
(419) 422-4356