Long Time Exploring Volunteer earns William H. Spurgeon II Award

The William H. Spurgeon III Award was bestowed in Black Swamp Area Council for the third time on Sept. 22, as Dr. Stan Doty with Doty Dentistry a longtime volunteer in council and current Exploring Volunteer was awarded the honor for his significant leadership in the local Exploring program.
The William H. Spurgeon III Award is the highest recognition for individuals and organizations contributing significant leadership to the Exploring program. The award was developed in 1971 to honor Spurgeon, a business executive at the Irvine Company in Southern California, who passed away in 1970.  Spurgeon was a major leader in the development of special interest Exploring. He personally organized many special interest Posts in the 1960s and devoted much of that time promoting Exploring.  He is particularly remembered as a dynamic speaker for the Exploring Impact Plan luncheons across America and his many years as a member of the National Council Executive Board and National Exploring Committee. 

Dr. Doty has been a volunteer in the Black Swamp Area Council for more than 20 years, was a past Council President, and currently leads the only Dental Post in the Council.  He is also a very active with the Exploring group serving as the Committee Chair attending every meeting, and in most cases leads the meetings.

Doty Dental Exploring Post just completed its seventh year and had an increase in their 2019 membership. Dr. Stan Doty is joined by his son, Dr. Aaron Doty, to mentor the group which is one of only six Dental Posts nationwide.
Exploring is always looking for businesses and organizations willing to provide leadership to youth. Exploring stands as a great platform for business to provide leadership and hands on learning to local youth.  Exploring Posts also help youth in the process of identifying their future workforce.  Numerous Explorers who were involved with an Exploring program now currently work for that organization or are in a similar career field within their community. 
To discuss how Exploring can benefit your businesses reach out to Colin Earl at colin.earl@scouting.org and learn how to sponsor an Exploring Post.